Saturday, 18 May 2019

Birthday Presents!

Wow, what with Christmas, my daughter's birthday, and my recent birthday, Macadamia Grove has grown enormously over the past few months!

Thank you to all my lovely family and friends who helped celebrate my birthday this year - I had a great time, plus I was very spoilt!  I received some wonderful Sylvanian Families related gifts that I would like to show you:

Macadamia Grove is excited to welcome the Woolly Alpaca family, and the Grunt Pig family!!  I am very pleased to have received two sets of the alpacas, as I want to make the extra set of parents into custom grandparents, and the extra girl into a brother (what is with the lack of boys in the new Sylvanian Families sets??)

The Grunts were bought second hand (they are a retired family), so I feel very lucky to have got the rare triplets as well! Constance seems to have abandoned her dress for a random pair of green overalls, and I'm not sure they are really her, so Caitlyn is in the middle of making her a dress (this will be part of my Mothers Day present).  No doubt the green overalls will be appreciated by someone else in the village!

Monsieur & Madame Chocolat (aka the Chocolate Rabbit grandparents) will be residing in Town - I am very excited to have them, as I have Plans, especially for the grandfather and his marvellous moustaches...  stay tuned...
The Japanese furniture sets were a lovely surprise from some family members who visited Japan earlier this year.  The lounge room set is awesome, as the fabric on the seats can be easily changed, making this set a very easily personalised one.

And last but not least, a beautiful home-made dress from Caitlyn - here is a picture of the alpaca girl modelling it (although it is actually destined to belong to Sarah Patches).

I will be updating my Meet The Families page to include all the new arrivals soon, but I want to make clothes for some of them first.  There are also big changes afoot for our permanent display setup, so stay tuned - it's all very exciting!

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Dog Family Update

I have finally updated my Meet The Families page to include my chocolate dalmation family!

Those of you familiar with this family will know that "Patches" is not their official name.  In fact I have done something here that I usually try to avoid:  giving characters names that "officially" belong to a different Sylvanian character.  I decided to do this as I really wanted to make the father of this family into Dorothy Patches' brother.  They have such a similar shape, and both have patchy markings, so it just made sense to me (besides, this also gives Dorothy a reason to visit Macadamia Grove occasionally!).  I like to think that they have another sister (the one Dorothy spent Christmas with), who has grey AND brown markings.  :o)

The Patches family are new arrivals to Macadamia Grove, and Mr Patches has just been appointed the village postman.  He is very pleased, and I hear that Mr Babblebrook is also pleased that the village now boasts another community service!

Sarah will be attending Bottlebrush Academy as a day student, and Zac will be attending Macadamia Grove Primary School.

If you want to read more about the family (or any of my other Sylvanians), click here.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Happy Easter!

The residents of Macadamia Grove are having a lovely morning - the big Easter Egg Hunt is on!

Happy Easter everyone!