Thursday, 18 February 2021

Family Updates

Hello there!  I have a few ideas for posts that I would like to share soon (some of them inspired by creative challenges on the forum), but for now, I would like to draw your attention to a number of updates I have made to our Meet The Families page in the last month or so.

I am pleased to introduce the Dale family of sheep, the Fletcher family of border collies, the Pennypress family of red pandas, and Mrs Roxy Renard.

If you have not yet read their bios, and would like to, they can all be found on our Meet The Families - Macadamia Grove page, as they are all residents of the village (you will need to scoll down to find them - the families are listed alphabetically by surname).

I have also added a picture of my Slydale fox family, with their names, but I have not yet included their bios - they will come soon!

I am also looking forward to adding some other new additions to the Town page, but it is always the same old problem, isn't it? - so many projects, and so little time...  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading about these families., and that you are having some time to work on your own pet projects, whatever they may be!

Saturday, 16 January 2021

The Talented Dr Murdoch

Not only is Dr Tobias Murdoch a highly skilled surgeon, and friendly neighbourhood doctor, he plays the guitar, too!

Harry Spotter brought his son James in for a check-up late this afternoon.  As it happened, James was Dr Murdoch's last appointment of the day.  As they are great friends, Tobias offered Harry a cup of tea after the appointment, and he and James hung around for a chat.  

Alice Marshmallow (who was on reception today) was just getting ready to leave for the evening, when she noticed that Dr Murdoch had got his guitar out.  She wasn't in a hurry to leave, so she pulled up a chair to listen as well.

Young James Spotter was very interested in this impromptu concert, too.  He hadn't heard Dr Murdoch play before, and enjoyed hearing these old favourites.  He was also amused by the way his father joined in the singing during the chorus - Harry's voice wasn't nearly as good as Dr Murdoch's!


Each month on the Sylvanian Families Collector's Forum, there is a creative challenge.  This month, the theme is "Talent Show" - we were challenged to show off the talent of one or more of our Sylvanians.  This is my entry for the challenge.

I made Dr Murdoch's guitar by loosely following this youtube video.  If you would like to see (more or less) how it was done, or have a go at making one yourself, I recommend checking it out (although please note I do not know the person who made this video, nor do I guarantee what sort of content may or may not appear in the comments attached to it etc - proceed at your own risk!).  I did simplify my guitar quite a bit (hers is amazing - really an insane level of detail that I did not think was necessary for my version!), but I am still happy with the results.

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Caitlyn Hazelnut's Christmas Presents

 Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this year.

Today I'd like to show you some of the presents I received this year:

I was also very lucky to receive an Applewood Department store:

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and best of luck for the New Year!