Saturday, 1 July 2023

Chocolat Fine Chocolates

This is Mr Frasier Chocolat.

Mr Chocolat owns a chocolate shop in Macadamia Grove.  He makes the chocolates himself, and his loyal customers think it is the best chocolate in all Sylvania.

"Welcome to Chocolat Fine Chocolates," he says.  "What can I help you with today?"

Every weekday afternoon, at three o'clock sharp, the hometime bell rang at Macadamia Grove Primary School, and inevitably several students would walk to Chocolat on their way home - even if they had to walk quite a bit out of their way!

One day, Wash Wildwood and Angel Woolly were the first to arrive, and knew exactly what they wanted to spend their pocket money on.  

"I would like two of those big truffles, please!" said Wash.

"And I'd like a bag of chocolate coated lemon peel," added Angel.  Wash looked quite impressed at this - the lemon peel bags were quite large, and cost more than the boys usually spent.
"I'm sharing with my sister," Angel explained.  "We pooled our money before school - it's her turn to help Mum with the twins this afternoon."

Meanwhile, Faraday Periwinkle and Merida Fletcher were having more trouble making up their minds.

"We could get some fudge..." said Merida thoughtfully.  "Or...."

"Or shall we go halves in a block of Caramel?" suggested Faraday.  

Eventually, all the schoolchildren had emptied their pockets of coins, and were busy filling their mouths with delicious treats!  Mr Chocolat had just a few minutes to recover from the onslaught before Mrs Corrie Dale and her daughter Peren arrived.

Corrie was shopping for a gift for her husband's birthday.  Mr Dale had quite the sweet tooth, and chocolate from Chocolat's Fine Chocolates was his favourite treat.

"I think I would like to select several individual chocolates from the cabinet," she said.  "May I have them in a nice box, please?"

"Of course" Mr Chocolat answered.  "I know Ewan likes fudge, too - shall I include a piece of that, as well?"

While they were talking, Corrie's daughter Peren wandered about the shop, looking at all the different items for sale.  There were large blocks of chocolate in several different flavours.  There were boxes filled with truffles, and others filled with a selection of chocolates.  She gazed at them, trying to guess what tasty centres were hiding in each one.  There was even a large chocolate sculpture of a mouse.

Everything looked so delicious, and the whole shop smelled so good!

She wondered if her mum might buy her a truffle to eat on the way home...

Finally, Corrie was happy with her selections, and went to the counter to pay.

As it turned out, Peren had made a selection of her own.

"Mum, can I have a chocolate ladybug?  Please?"

"Oh alright then," Corrie smiled.  "But I don't want your dad to know we were here - it might spoil the surprise - so be sure to eat it all before we get home."

Peren felt that this would not be a problem at all.

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Quick Photo Challenge: Take Your Sylvanians To Work

The latest Quick Photo Challenge on the Sylvanian Families Collector Forum is "Take Your Sylvanians To Work".

I chose Alice Marshmallow to come to work with me, as she is a very mature and professional young lady who could be expected to behave herself.  She even has an office job of her own, as a receptionist in the hospital in Town.

As you can see, this photo was taken at lunch time.  Alice decided to eat lunch at my desk rather than in the kitchen, as she was very interested in the computer.  She is enjoying a nice cup of tea, along with a cheese sandwich, which she brought with her from home.

Sunday, 14 May 2023

Mothers Day with the Outbacks

This morning, Kylie Outback had a lovely sleep in.  Finally though, her husband Steve could not hold the children back any longer, and they scurried in to greet her (Steve lifted little Karri onto the bed).

"Happy Mothers Day, Mummy!" Adelaide and Jarrah shouted, while Karri squealed excitedly.

Luckily, Kylie could smell the aroma of eucalyptus tea wafting from downstairs.

"And there is a present, and there is MUFFINS!" shouted Adelaide.  Kylie laughed, and hugged her children tightly.  Obviously it was time to get up...


Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there!  Hope you are all spoiled, and have a lovely day!